Pregnancy can be the most magical and exciting time — if it’s wanted!!

Pro-choice means pro ALL life

Since the 22nd of October, hundreds of thousands of Poles have been protesting in response to a decision by the country’s highest court to outlaw abortions in instances where a foetus is diagnosed with a severe and irreversible birth defect, deciding this is unconstitutional. In recent years such procedures made up about 96% of legal abortions in Poland, where abortion on demand has not been available for decades. The public are furious about this draconian change to the law, and also the timing and manner in which it was done: not via Parliament, but through a government-captured court during a pandemic, when gatherings are prohibited.

But here is what’s less discussed

Reproductive rights, universal access to contraception and abortion, as well as education of girls and women — so often interrupted by pregnancy and motherhood — are important strategies for sustaining the biodiversity of our planet. Because meeting the needs of a growing human population comes at the expense of the natural environment, species which are dying off at an alarming rate, and a warming climate. As we encroach further and further onto other species’ territory, inevitably more viruses will use homo-sapiens as hosts. If we continue on this path, especially running much of the world’s economy on unbridled capitalism, we will see collapsing ecosystems, mass migrations of people, conflicts over natural resources, and more pandemics.

“Pro-life” should not be the label of abortion supporters. They should not be allowed to exploit the word ‘life’ to justify a harmful ideology which promotes suffering, oppression and contributes to the demise of our planet.

Universal access to reproductive rights is a systemic solution that helps to alleviate many problems, including gender, economic, and social inequality.

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