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I’m writing this taking off on an airplane — yes, I know flying is bad — tears streaming down my face. Just like 14 years ago when I was leaving Akron after 5 years of foreign student-athlete adventure, my life packed into one big and one small suitcase. …

Picture: ShonEjai

The recent events in Washington, D.C. were a shocking spectacle — equally scary and fascinating. This is my clumsy attempt to make sense of it, putting an avalanche of scattered thoughts into words. I’ve been trying to make sense of what’s going on int the US ever since I got…

NCAA OUTDOOR TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS Cal State Sacramento, CA, June 11–14, 2003, 10km

London, 22 November 2008

(Slightly edited version of my original letter.)

I was invited to put on paper thoughts about my experience as an Akron Zip. I have been thinking about what I could tell you, students and athletes at Akron, that could be worthwhile and perhaps helpful. I don’t…

Pregnancy can be the most magical and exciting time — if it’s wanted!!

Since the 22nd of October, hundreds of thousands of Poles have been protesting in response to a decision by the country’s highest court to outlaw abortions in instances where a foetus is diagnosed with a severe and irreversible birth defect, deciding this is unconstitutional. In recent years such procedures made…

Ada Z

I write rarely, mainly as a self-therapy. My anti-fracking work with BOW is here

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