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The recent events in Washington, D.C. were a shocking spectacle. This is my attempt to make sense of them from my perspective. I spent five years in Ohio in the early 2000s as a student-athlete and have visited multiple US cities for work since. I was born and raised in Poland during Communist rule and the transition to a democratic system with a free-market economy. Coming from an entirely different system, I went through a deep culture shock on arrival to the US, and left the country disillusioned.

If the Capitol's storming represented only a small minority of domestic extremists'…

NCAA OUTDOOR TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS Cal State Sacramento, CA, June 11–14, 2003, 10km

London, 22 November 2008

(Slightly edited version of my original letter.)

I was invited to put on paper thoughts about my experience as an Akron Zip. I have been thinking about what I could tell you, students and athletes at Akron, that could be worthwhile and perhaps helpful. I don’t wish to preach to you — I suspect you probably get enough of that anyway :-) — nor do I want to give you advice for which you didn’t ask. I can only share my story.

I came to Akron in August 2002, as a 20-year-old. I came from Poland…

Pregnancy can be the most magical and exciting time — if it’s wanted!!

Since the 22nd of October, hundreds of thousands of Poles have been protesting in response to a decision by the country’s highest court to outlaw abortions in instances where a foetus is diagnosed with a severe and irreversible birth defect, deciding this is unconstitutional. In recent years such procedures made up about 96% of legal abortions in Poland, where abortion on demand has not been available for decades. …

Ada Z

I write rarely, mainly to organise my thoughts on complex issues. My anti-fracking work with BOW is here

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